Slappie Ltd – Slap on watch

Series 13: Episode 14

Company/Product Name: Slappie Ltd

Entrepreneur(s): David Kendall

Description: Kenfall entered the den looking for a total of £50000 for 25% of his Slap-On wrist watch business. He had purchased the company a year prior for £75 000 and boasted a total turnover of £105 000 in online sales alone.

Kendall envisioned the business as a global success and wanted to see his product in large retailers.

He received offers from both Touker Suleyman and Nick Jenkins for the full amount he was asking but for 45% of the company and decided to take the offer from the Moonpig millionaire Nick Jenkins.

Investment Received: £50000

Equity Given:  45%

Investor: Nick Jenkins

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