Opus – Series 13: Episode 14

Series 13: Episode 14

Company/Product Name: Opus

Entrepreneur(s): Jonathan Harris and Jonathan Schofield

Description: The duo of Jonathans entered the den asking for £80 000 for 5% of their business Opus, a trailer that could carry items such as bikes or a kayak which can also be assembled into a camper.

In just 20 minutes the trailer can be assembled into a camper with two kingsize beds and all mod-cons including a fridge, running water, a toilet, heating and cooking facilities.

The pitch went well until the duo revealed that they already run a successful camping business, PurpleLine with a turnover of over 3 million pounds and that Dragon’s would be investing only in sales of Opus in the UK and Europe.

Dragon’s Willingham and Jones both offered the full investment but wanted 10% of their existing business, PurpleLine. Suleyman then offered the full £80,000 for 10% of the PurpleLine business OR £80,000 for 25% of the Opus business. Meaden then made an offer for the full amount of £80 000 for 25%. The duo accepted Deborah’s offer stating that she was the Dragon they’d wanted before they pitched.

Investment Received: £80000

Equity Given:  25%

Investor: Deborah Meaden

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