Masons Beans – Gourmet Baked Beans

Series 13: Episode 12

Company/Product Name: Masons Beans

Entrepreneur(s): Ben Mason

Description: Former advertising professional Mason entered the den to pitch his gourmet baked beans which are made with fresh ingredients, no added sugar and are sold chilled. His beans were already for sale in retail such as Selfridges and Ocado.

He was asking for £50 000 for 10% of his business. Dragon’s battled it out with Jenkins, Meaden, Jones and Suleyman all interested in investing but requiring much higher stakes than Mason was asking. With Meaden and Suleyman asking for 40% equity, Jones at 35% and Jenkins at 25% Mason took a moment to think about the offers before stating that he did not want to give away more than 20% of his company. Dragon’s reveiwed their offer’s but only Jenkins came down to the 20% equity that Mason was willing to accept, Mason accepted Jenkins’ offer after taking more time out to think about his options.

Investment Received: £50000

Equity Given:  20%

Investor: Nick Jenkins

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