Grounded Body Scrub – Series 13: Episode 12

Series 13: Episode 12

Company/Product Name: Grounded Body Scrub

Entrepreneur(s): Lloyd Haxell and Tasha Harris

Description: LLoyd Hazel and Tasha Harris came into the den seeking investment in their coffee body scrub business, Grounded Body Scrub. Made with freshly-ground coffee seeds and cocunut in the example they presented they claimed that the scrub would help reduce cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, acne, scarring and more.

Without any scientific backing behind the claims the pair made about the benefits of using the scrub and their lack of business eperience due to the company only being established two month prior Dragon’s quickly started to declare themselves out.

After the other Dragon’s had stepped aside Willingham decided to make an offer, concerned about the amount of help the couple would need she wanted 45% of the company for the £30 000 they were asking which the pair accepted.

Investment Received: £30000

Equity Given:  45%

Investor: Sarah Willingham

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