Bad Brownie – Gourmet Brownies – Series 13: Episode 14

Series 13: Episode 14

Company/Product Name: Bad Brownie

Entrepreneur(s): Morag Ekanger and Paz Sarmah

Description: The chocolate loving entrepreneurs entered the Den seeking a 15% investment for the sum of £60 000. The bownies are loaded with butter and dark chocolate and the Dragon’s clearly love to be bad devouring the samples brought in to tempt them into investment.

However when the pair revealed that the investment was to help open a Central London retail site their figures came under scrutiny and the Dragon’s quickly declared themselves out, all except for Touker Suleyman who could see their Brownies having their own central London establishment and offered them the full investment for 35% of their company. They negotiated a deal with Touker and were happy to accept that offer.

They now run regular pop up stores and market stalls around Central London and also have a permanent spot in Selfridges food hall

You can find their locations on their website by clicking the link below

Investment Received: £60000

Equity Given:  30%

Investor: Touker Suleyman

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